With the advent of more things in our homes becoming smart, a smart thermostat might just be something you’ve been giving thought to. Advances in technology have made doing it more accessible than ever before, but did you know that installing a smart thermostat could also save you money?

Many of the newer smart thermostat models have learning capabilities, meaning they can take note of when you typically raise or lower the temperature. The thermostats can then make recommendations for you that would make your habits more efficient, including making the of the adjustments for you ahead of time.

On average, iotevvolutionword.com estimates a smart system can produce $131-145 per year in energy savings. That’s not quite to the degree that the system pays for itself in the first year, but it’s close.

Smart Thermostats Can Improve Security As Well

Some brands of smart thermostats, such as Nest, can sync with other Nest systems like security cameras. When the devices work in tandem, they can share data to provide more powerful features.

Since the thermostat can tell when you’re gone given your daily “away” settings, it can automatically record footage through the security system if anyone else lingers around, or tries to enter, your home.

Then, since most smart thermostats feature apps that keep your smartphone connected to their status, you’ll know right away when there’s something of note to investigate.

Control Your Thermostat With Alexa, Too

Smartphone capabilities aside, several of these smart thermostat units we can install are compatible with other smart home devices, like Amazon’s Alexa. (Alex is available in the Amazon Echo Dot and other Echo devices.)

That means with some setup in place, you can adjust your home’s temperature with voice commands.

If you’re interested in learning more about adding a smart thermostat to your home, give us a call today!