Everybody’s gearing up for the cold season, and staying warm is crucial to a happy holiday. Things may seem okay now when it’s still 40-50 degrees, but no one wants a surprise once the weather is snow-worthy.

Partial blockages or even low refrigerant can diminish a heat pump’s ability to do its job. This causes it to work overtime, which can make a big difference in your power bill. But just as importantly, you may notice some rooms just never feel warm enough. You keep turning your thermostat up, but rooms feel drafty or just plain chilly.

Air output through your vents may feel weak or nonexistent, or the air may feel lukewarm.

This can be because of a few different things, but looking at the heat pump is a good place to start because it’s so frequently the culprit.

A lot of heat pumps struggle once the outside temps drop below freezing. At that point anything detracting from its heat output becomes much more noticeable. When you notice this suddenly on a day where the temps dropped quickly, it may become an emergency repair call that is much more expensive.

Early December is a good time to inspect your heat pump if you haven’t prior, since it’s not to the peak coldness of the season yet and there’s still time to make home improvements before the holidays. Making repairs or adjustments now can free up money on the heat bill, and if you’re hosting the holidays, will make sure everyone is comfortable.

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, or are curious as to how efficiently your heat pump is running, give us a call for an assessment!