Residents of Kernersville and Winston Salem have trusted Cool Breeze 1250 for their HVAC installations and service calls for years. As the highest rated HVAC specialists in Kernersville, we pride ourselves on our availability and our professionalism.

We provide reliable HVAC service call support for:

We offer after hours emergency services for instances where your furnace dies unexpectedly when you need it most. We’ll come prepared to assess whatever ailments you’ve been noticing in your home, and can give you an accurate picture of the cause and solution during our visit. Our service techs can often make on-site repairs to get things working again, but sometimes a new furnace installation is needed.

That’s a bit of an investment that we understand, so when that becomes the case we can help ease the process for our customers in two ways.

First, we offer financing options for new furnaces. This reduces the barrier of acquiring one quickly when needed, and breaks the payments into manageable segments.

Frequent discounts and special manufacturer offers. York and other major furnace brands run specials throughout the year, often ones exclusive to HVAC partners. When you entrust your furnace installation to Cool Breeze 1250, we can help secure the best pricing available.

This tends to be particularly important during the winter months, but is obviously valuable any time of year when upgrades are needed. You can contact us to discuss the various models we carry and the advantages of each.

HVAC service calls are akin to maintenance programs. Often times issues with even heat distribution or unusually high power bills seem sudden, but are actually tied to something a skilled tech can unearth reviewing your hardware. As we’ve blogged about before, leaky AC units are a sign of deeper issues, but are often seen as typical issues that require small repairs every few years. If you’ve been putting up with nuisances like these, calling a professional can be very helpful.

While service calls are designed for the unexpected, it’s always a good idea to take a proactive look at your HVAC system. We can help you do that.