What if you could rest assured that your HVAC was well maintained all year and save money doing it? You’d know that your system has what it needs all year, and would have someone you trust a call away should anything come up.

Our HVAC maintenance programs do just that, and let you take advantage of some discounted pricing, too!

Programs like this are part of our commitment to the community; we’re in this to forge long term relationships with our customers. Part of doing that is by keeping their systems at their best all year, and always staying a step ahead of seasonal concerns.

Enjoy great benefits, like:

  • Spring and fall system checks of heating and cooling units
  • Discounts on unit repairs and service calls
  • Priority scheduling
  • Thorough cleaning of mechanic parts and coils

We’ll examine your heating system top to bottom to find any leaks, malfunctions, or potential parts wearing out that you should know about. Knowing these things in advance can make repairs (or preventing them) easier.

The idea is to make the process as simple as possible. Discounts on service calls are easy to give on our part because it’s easier to service systems we’ve done maintenance on before, especially if the last time we stopped by your home we made notes about things that might become issues. It saves time when we stop out the next time, and often results in simpler, more affordable repairs for home owners.

If you’re in the Kernersville or Winston Salem areas of NC, give us a call to learn more about setting up a regular HVAC maintenance schedule for your home!