Indoor Air Quality

Typical Cost: $400 and up

Remember, it’s not the temperature in your home that keeps you comfortable, but the humidity level. Are you finding your home too dry in the winter time? Do you find that during the summer you have to keep your thermostat set lower than you like because it feels too humid? Call the experts at Cool Breeze 1250 Heating & Cooling to discuss what options you have for indoor comfort levels related to humidity levels. With a whole house humidifier, we can add moisture to the air and with a whole house dehumidifier, we can keep your humidity levels to under 40%!

Do you suffer from allergies and find the air in your home uncomfortable to breathe at times? Call us to discuss the numerous options you have for indoor filtration systems that can help the quality of air that you breathe. Instead of purchasing a single room filtration system, you can have a home filtration system installed to work with your heating and cooling system to help your entire home instead of just one room.

What are the types of Air Cleaners?


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