Maintenance Programs

Scheduled Maintenance Agreements (SMA)s are available for their residential clients in the Kernersville/Winston Salem area. (Currently we are only signing up clients for a SMA who live in a 5 mile radius of downtown Kernersville, or who have selected our company to install a new heating and cooling system in their home. )

 What’s Included Gold Plan $189/year Blue Plan $288/year Green Plan $576/year
Spring & Fall Visit to check 1 cooling and heating system
Priority Scheduling
Repair Discount of 15%
Repair Warranty 2 Years 3 Years Lifetime
Service Call Discount $10 $25
25 Point Check List Completed for Heating or Cooing*
Chemical Cleaning of the Condenser Coil
Reduced Overtime Charges
Clean Evaporator Coil
Clean Blower Wheel
No Freight Charges
Free Hotel Stay in “No Heat & No Cool Emergency Situations”
$175 credit per year towards a new HVAC System
Provide 1 year supply of air filters, if needed
If and when refrigerant is needed, first lbs is free.


We honor other planned service agreements (see below)

A home comfort system can run upwards of 2,500 hours a year! That’s like driving 130,000 miles in your car annually. If you never changed the oil or did proper maintenance on your car for that year, simply put, your car wouldn’t last. That’s why we’re here.

Annual Service Agreement inspections reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential issues that can be corrected before causing major repair bills. Regular system tune-ups will also reduce your utility bills by keeping your heating and cooling system operating at peak performance.

Before anything, we’ll perform an evaluation on your system to make sure it qualifies for one of our Service Plans. This allows us to make sure your system was installed properly and that no modifications need to be made to get it up to professional standards. That will help us reduce the risk of problems in the future.

Any recommendations will be noted and emailed to you, along with the reason for it and the cost of the modification. We won’t complete any additional work until you authorize it.

There are numerous good, qualified heating and air conditioning companies in our area who do quality work and follow both manufacturer and national code standards and practices. By the same token, there are people who don’t follow manufacturer’s recommendations or national codes who, by “cutting corners” to save on costs, are hurting your system’s operation and you may not realize.

Cool Breeze 1250 Heating and Cooling also offers you the added benefit that if you decide to make a repair on your system, under a service agreement, you have the option of applying your last service invoice towards a new home comfort system up to 60 days after the service work has been performed.

Cool Breeze 1250 Heating and Cooling also offers a Basic Service Agreement on all new equipment that we install for $99/ year. In conjunction with a 10-year factory backed labor plan, that means you pay nothing for parts, labor or any additional overtime or freight charges for the first 10 years should you ever need repairs on your home comfort system.

We honor other planned service agreements

** If you are under a Service Agreement with a licensed HVAC company in the state of North Carolina, you already understand the benefits of planned service on your home comfort system. With a written, dated and signed Service Contract with one of those companies you use, we will honor the discounts that planned service agreement gives you in writing on a service call to your home by our company.

Why is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Important?


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