The problem with a lot of homes is poor duct design. This causes the house to be cooled/heated unevenly. The way we fix this is by installing a Zoning System. This requires adding one or more thermostats and electronic dampers within the ductwork and computerized controls to precisely regulate the temperature in different areas of your home. Dampers will redirect air to places in the house where it’s needed the most.

Please note that even with a zoned system, you should always have the equipment sized properly for your home. The ultimate in a zoning solution (even if no ductwork is available) is a ductless mini split system.

What is a Zoning System?

New System Estimate

Do you need a consultation for a new heating or cooling system? We offer a comprehensive in home estimate at NO CHARGE. This process requires investigating the following: 1) The comfort and budget needs of you as a client, 2) The construction details of your home, 3) The design characteristics of the existing heating and cooling system. This process takes about 90 minutes or so depending on how many questions that you may have. It is best if everyone involved in the decision-making process is present for this consultation.


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