As a Kernersville-based company, Cool Breeze 1250 has, until recently, focused its maintenance programs to that area. As we grow as a business and with how popular our maintenance programs have been, we’ve expanded our service area into Winston Salem.

This has been an exciting move for us as well, since we regularly network with folks from the Winston Salem area looking for regular HVAC services.

Not only is it a good idea to have someone doing regular maintenance on your HVAC systems for home efficiency, but all customers enrolled in these ongoing services get a discount on any service visit as well. That’s right — flat and ongoing discounts on services your HVAC system will need anyway.

Our Maintenance Services Help Winston Salem Homes Plan Ahead

This works out for everyone, since many repairs are far simpler when they are anticipated versus waiting until something goes wrong. Doing that can also be dangerous when it comes to furnaces are concerned. When it’s a heat pump going bad it can simply mean higher electric bills or no AC at all. Whenever gases are involved, worn out equipment means a loss of safety.

That’s just being realistic, not to scare anyone. But there’s a reason we’ve been harping on carbon monoxide awareness lately, and this is part of that.

It’s not to say that surprises can never happen with a maintenance program, but most of the time having an experienced technician examine your entire heating system illuminates all sorts of upcoming concerns. In some cases, important adjustments be made that visit that can prolong or prevent other repairs.