Winston Salem HVAC Service Solutions

As we’ve grown as a company we’ve been able to offer services that’d previously been area locked, like our Scheduled Maintenance Agreements (SMAs), to the Winston Salem area as well.

Generally these programs work best for someone who has recently upgraded their HVAC system, particularly if we installed in. This way, we can stand behind the brand used, the way it was installed, and then the way it is maintained.

What Specifically Does A Maintenance Program Do For Winston Salem Residents?

Winston Salem HVAC Repair Services

Beyond maintenance programs, the majority of our service calls tend to be when HVAC repairs are needed. We’ll come to your location and assess the situation. Most of the time the house is still safe (e.g. there is no carbon monoxide leak), and we can simply determine why the HVAC system isn’t performing.

Often we’ll have the parts with us needed to perform the repairs, but sometimes it will require a replacement part that we’ll have to order.

Whenever possible, we complete the service call that session. North Carolina is no joke at either end of the year. In the winter it’s plenty cold enough that not having heat is an urgent thing, but is also hot enough in the summer that not having air conditioning is at least as big a concern.

The quicker we can diagnose the quicker your family resumes living in comfort, and that’s the name of the game.

We’ve been doing this a long time and have seen a lot of different heating scenarios, and have gotten very efficient at solving problems. Our track record speaks for itself — just look at our Google reviews and you’ll see that we’re about the highest rated HVAC contractor in the Winston Salem and Kernersville area.

Exciting Developments in the Community!

Our community is better off every time local folks — and business owners particularly — get involved in helping others. Sometimes it’s spreading awareness of dangerous things others may not know about, and other times it’s participating in fundraisers to help those in need. Food, supplies, and clothes are things we can all help provide, and change lives as we do it.

I Am A Queen Foundation recently made a big splash in the area by providing over 1000 backpacks to school kids as we gear up for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our Recent Ribbon Cutting Event

To celebrate our new location on 305 Pineview Drive, we recently held a ribbon cutting event attended by a great group of friends and community supporters.

Our event featured games, a dunking booth, food, and an opportunity for customers to meet our team and put faces to the names of those they might have interacted with before. We’re very excited to be in the new space, expand our service area, and to have been welcomed by so many in the community.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our grand opening!❤️ Here's our highlight video for those who couldn't make it. 🎥

Posted by Cool Breeze 1250 Heating And Cooling Inc on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Building Local Partnerships

We’ve been working to forge partnerships with local fire departments to spread awareness about carbon monoxide and how important detecting it in your home can be. Hundreds of people throughout the U.S. die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning that could’ve been prevented, and thousands are hospitalized.

The leading causes of these incidents are either not having a carbon monoxide detector or having an old one that doesn’t function properly anymore. In all-electric homes you’re not required to have one, but many gas homes are using an old detector someone installed 10+ years ago, and probably never give it a second thought.

Totally understandable as something we don’t give much thought to, but it’s dangerous.




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